Our Customer's Favorite - Ultimate Eyeglass Holders
Our customers find them irreplaceable all year round. They no longer leave their glasses on planes, in the
restaurants and at  parties!  These signature eyeglass holders are our #1 seller.  Take a glance at our great
Eyeglass Holders Collection.  They are beautifully designed  and also do discreet duty, so you will never lose
your frames again.  Our ample variety of eyeglass holders will match any outfit either dressy or casual and
will help any woman look sharp and elegant.   Click on the picture  on to see over 40 unique eyeglass
holder's designs.  
Inspired by Nature... Zen Ceramic Art
"My strongest inspiration comes from Mother nature and its influences on the shape of plants and animals
trees and rocks, both on land and underwater.  New techniques and forms continually stimulate my interest
in clay.  The process of integrating various media with clay, like metal wire, stones, sand and wood to create
dynamics has a great appeal to me. It is fascinating to take something essentially flat and turn it into organic
form with volume creating a synergy between layered color, texture and movement. My ceramic forms
have an organic and earthy quality", Elena Miller
Take a look at Zen Ceramic Gallery.
Introducing new truly unique jewelry collection: FROM EAST TO WEST. The jewelry designs include exclusive
range of fine quality gemstone jade and onyx,  and bone hand carvings made by Chinese, Indonesian,
Indian and American Indian craftsmen. The elaborate designs also combine beautiful sterling silver filigree
elements and are complimented by other gemstones. Every jewelry piece is one-of-a-kind.

This collection of earrings makes a striking dramatic statement.  It is designed keeping in mind with latest
ongoing trend in the market.
 Check out our rich and ravishing selection of handmade and artisitc earrings
and choose your favorite pair.  
Raindrops. Jewelry and ceramics inspired by nature

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Introducing Art and Precious Metal Clay Jewelry
I combine fine 99.9% silver Art and Metal Clay with wide variety of organic materials creating a vast range
of forms and surfaces that are unobtainable using traditional techniques.  My  work in Go-Eco-Green
Jewelry collection  includes free form,  hand-sculptured pure silver necklaces and earrings with an organic
rustic quality. Unique raku patina is applied to fine silver adds depth and rich iridescent color to the
jewelry.   Every piece is one-of-a-kind and if repeated will be slightly different from the original.  
 Take a
minute to learn about Art and PMC technique and check out my inspired by nature creations .
Unfortunately,  I do not have much left in  inventory: it sells out very fast.   Just email me which piece you
liked and I will make you a similar one.
Let me introduce my new collection of raku fired necklaces. Every necklace is one-of-a-kind. I rarely repeat
the same design. But even if I do, the glaze will always look different. If you choose to purchase a necklace, I
assure you can be proud that you have a piece of unique wearable art.
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Minimalist Sterling Silver Rings with Precious and  
Semi-Precious Stones
Find an ample variety of minimalist though elegant rings where the natural beauty of the stones is
moonstone, aquamarine, topaz, larimar, bloodstone, rhodochrosite and other precious and semi precious
stones are set in solid sterling silver bezels.   These simple and sophisticated rings are offered at very
affordable prices.
Click on the link  on to see new contemporary rings designs.